(New Yorker)
After wearing sneakers literally everyday 
for years, I decided, a long time ago, 
that they were made for workout.
Shoes offer such a variety of styles, why restricting ourselves
to rubber soles and round toes? 
Last time I bought actual sneakers (meaning not wedged,
not fancy-looking-allegedly-sporty-looking) intending 
to wear them in the street in lieu of the gym was... ten years ago.
Well, this time I wanted to buy runners and finally ended up
with those that are not really designed to keep you fit, 
but who knows, next pair maybe? 


(kind of) back

A bunch of nails to start again. I've been off the blog for a while because
1) I have a real job (real meaning that makes money which is 
more convenient to pay the rent), and that's time-consuming
2) I've been self-judging myself 
(yes, it feels as redundant as it reads) for peacocking.
Anyways, hopefully spring will come and bring some good blogging vibes.