Summer time, baby

Every summer I declare I shall not buy cheap shoes 
ever again. Never ever ever again.
Anybody who's ever spent a whole day with 
uncomfortable heels knows that you end up 
covered with bandages, while in pain 
and therefore short-tempered.
 So this time, fail. Huge fail. 
 I indulged in 30€ wedges, once more.
At Pimkie. This kind of stores where it could be relevant
to ban entrance to ladies over the age of 25 (19?). 
 This somewhat ideal wooden sole/black leather straps combo
 is actually pretty comfy, so I mean, why not. 
Well, because I wore them
three times and I can predict they won't last. 
Damn, must be my birthday coming soon/aging process,
but I really tend to think in terms of durability now. 

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  1. im digging the sandals!


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