At this time of the year, I could easily buy 
a pair of sunglasses a week, although I have 
about fifteen pairs I regularly wear.
Top picture: Ray-Bans need no explanation.
Picture #2: Aviators. I love aviators (from left: no-brand, Zara, Carrera)
Picture #3: Those three numbers do not even amount 
to 10€ altogether, but they look so good.
Picture #4: My faves. Chanel on the left, Tom Ford on the right.
Last picture: The perfect tortoise cat eyes and my last acquisition. 
I'm basically wearing them every day till I can't stand it anymore. 
Fairfax by Elizabeth and James.

{Sunnies in action below}



  1. How cute!
    Are you trying to cast a spell on this thundery weather we are having today?
    Hope it works.

  2. Great collection! I love it!
    The most I like is 9 photo!

  3. You have a great collection of sunglasses!

    xo Jennifer


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