(Topshop tote, Zara scarf/leggings, jacket/sunnies from Japan)
The past few days have been so warm, reacquainting 
with my huge collection of sunnies (not that I had totally walked
away from it over the winter though), short sleeve tops and 
light scarves is fantastic. This was also the occasion to take
this cropped jacket out of my closet. Bought in Japan 
I don't remember where, probably around the same time
as those sunnies (less than 5 Euros sunnies, actually). 
As for the wedge sneakers, Isabel Marant's Beketts 
were seen pretty much everywhere on the Web,
followed by a massive wave of cheaper numbers directly
inspired from the (wow expensive) original superstars.
Those are unfortunately not the real ones, but definitely
the only sneakers on earth I would agree to wear unless
 I'm going to the gym, which is what sneakers 
are made for: work out. Ok, I admit I'm being mean
because I have never understood how to wear regular
sneakers without feeling like an idiot. I just don't know how people
 manage to look good with a pair of Converse. 


  1. i spent a really nice time on your blog!

    wld be great to follow each others!

  2. Your post is beautiful! I would love for you to check out my new posts!

  3. Lovely outfit. You look amazing with it!:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. Great pics. I love your bag.

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  5. Lovely outfit, I like your sneakers ! I am not a sneakers girl myself, I sometimes wear Converse and when I go to the gym I wear Nike training shoes. I like Converse but I prefer heels, of course :-)

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  6. Amazing pictures! Love your outfit!

  7. That's a cool woven bag!
    I like it.

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Thank you for your message. Yes, I'll go and visit your blog :)