Odd Light

(Zara tee, New Look jeggings, vintage booties, jacket from Japan)
(Scarf: gift from Japan)
We went from -10 to +8 degrees in less than 24 hours, 
but we also entered a series of painful rainy-grey sky days,
which explains the awkward light on the snapshots above. 
But - and although it isn't related whatsoever - I found out that
even if the Sales are officially over, most of the stores are
still selling leftovers at super low prices. This is how
I acquired this tee, and since these pictures do not 
give enough credit to the complexity of this multi-material,
multicolor, asymmetric cut top,  I guess I'll have to wear it 
again on a warmer day... There was no way I'd take off my jacket.
I bought it in Japan years ago, I can't even remember where, 
which is a shame because I wear it a lot; it is so warm.
Brandless vintage boots first seen here
they're one of my best mid-season flat options.


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  2. The tee and the boots are awesome, love it!!! :)
    xx <3
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  3. I like the lighting! You look great!

  4. Full of style. Love it.

  5. I like your blog!!! so sweet!

    xoxo from:

  6. Cute look! Love your hair!


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