Sale} Day 1

(Zara blouse, vintage jersey pants)
(Zara ankle boots)
 The sale started yesterday. Wohoho.
This shirt is one the numerous few purchases I made.
I don't think I had ever been that efficient before,
especially in the midst of merciless females hunters.
I bought those ankle boots in Zara two years ago
and can't stop wearing them.
If the sale drives some people wild, I, conversely, become
the most rational client ever. Anything that stands out of the
mess ends up into my hands, while assessing how
innovating/consistent/useful each could be.
I guess the range of choice and possible action
is enough to make all this highly entertaining.
Also obviously, the time I spent in Japan definitely fixed any
potential issues I would have with crowds.

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  1. Didn't you go to the Desigual sales? I've been trying to spot you in the TV news, but couldn't find you.


Thank you for your message. Yes, I'll go and visit your blog :)