Flowers In The Snow

(Mango dress, vintage belt, Zara boots, Calvin Klein watch)
Yesterday was already pretty cold and today it even snowed,
but I was already in such a spring spirit that I couldn't resist 
wearing this dress bought last week in Mango (half price oh yay).
So finally this fake winter seems to be becoming fairly genuine. 
Yes, I was freezing. Anyway, spring will have to come back 
at some point, and then this dress (which also happens to be 
made out of the lightest and softest fabric ever) will be perfect.


Foreseeing Summer

(Zara tee, Chanel sunnies)
The sales have been running for less than three weeks
and I'm still not even close to stop. 
Well, how could I when I found those lovely 
sunnies for like half their original price.
This tee also is clearly an anticipated incursion into summer.
I can't wait for this fake winter to end and a real spring to begin.



(Zara faux-fur jacket and jeans, vintage blouse, DIY earrings)
I love this jacket (already seen here and here and here),
so I keep wearing it all the time. Literally all the time.
Those earrings are part of those I made
when I became totally obsessed with DIY a few months ago.
I have a feeling that I'm pretty close to starting again.


Sale} Shoe Obsession Round 2

(Zara coat, leggings and courts, Tom Ford sunnies)
Today is not warm enough not to wear coat but mild enough 
to wear courts,  which gives me an occasion to pair two things 
I bought during my last sale expedition. 
I had been eyeing this coat since the beginning of the season 
and couldn't resist when the price began dropping. 
I wear a lot of black or navy outfits, and bright shoes are 
a good way not to look depressed/depressing. 
I really need want this color-block trend to keep running.



(Zara boots, leggings and top also seen here)
I'm obsessed with those boots I bought in Zara on sale.
Nothing's better than a new fave to start a new sartorial year!
Pair these to a sleek all-black outfit and a matching 
red Longchamp pliage tote and you're done.


Sale} Shoe obsession

(all Zara)
Hopefully the color block trend will be
as big in 2012 as it was in 2011.


Sale} Day 1

(Zara blouse, vintage jersey pants)
(Zara ankle boots)
 The sale started yesterday. Wohoho.
This shirt is one the numerous few purchases I made.
I don't think I had ever been that efficient before,
especially in the midst of merciless females hunters.
I bought those ankle boots in Zara two years ago
and can't stop wearing them.
If the sale drives some people wild, I, conversely, become
the most rational client ever. Anything that stands out of the
mess ends up into my hands, while assessing how
innovating/consistent/useful each could be.
I guess the range of choice and possible action
is enough to make all this highly entertaining.
Also obviously, the time I spent in Japan definitely fixed any
potential issues I would have with crowds.


Blazered, Cont'd

(Zara pants + blazer best seen here, New Look blouse, Guess watch, H&M ring, DIY earrings)
(Men's Ralph Lauren scarf, boots bought in Japan)
I've never subscribed to the statement that condemns
pairing black and navy blue, or black and brown.
 I wanted to wear those leather boots today,
and the rest of this (very simple) outfit came up from that point.
Speaking of those boots, I bought them in Japan, love them,
but unfortunately can't remember where they're from.
As for the scarf, it's not mine, it's a present
I made to someone who kindly understood how important
(yes, important) it was for me to have a black scarf today. 


Morning Coffee

(H&M blazer, New Look blouse,Zara jeans)
(H&M booties and ring, Asos watch)
Back to work logically equals blazer, heels,
and morning coffee. More generally,
mornings equal coffee, while the 
usual morning coffee simply opens the day
before more coffee. That said, I can't find any rational
explanation for me being so coffee driven today.
On a more serious sartorial note, this blouse
is one of my classics. Airy, classy, easy. 
I never know how to handle pastel colors, 
but I do fancy nude hues once in a while.



(H&M faux-fur hat, Bershka sweater seen here, Zara tee)
A sunny day and a sweet and random start for 2012. 
I love this faux-fur hat because it's huge, 
and it's huge because it isn't 
even mine because it's for men. Way too mild
outside to wear it anyway.
Happy new year.