(Zara tee, New Look jeans, Etam wedges, H&M ring and earrings)
A NYE costume party invitation sounded like a good reason
to go shopping. I unfortunately didn't find anything that would 
help us look more Indianish-cowboyish for the aforementioned
party, but I surprisingly discovered that people were at the mall
with children to take a walk rather than to actually buy things.
The alleys were packed with strollers and the stores packed 
with high school girls hysterically touching 
everything but purchasing nothing (... did I ever do that?).
Or maybe they were there to return some dramatically
faulty toy, which would explain why we didn't queue
together when I bought part of this once more
casual-but-not-too-casual outfit.

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  1. ' touching everything but purchasing nothing (... did I ever do that?)'
    No, you didn't!
    You did not touch anything, but you purchased everything (^_^)


Thank you for your message. Yes, I'll go and visit your blog :)