Personal Christmas shopping

(H&M suede leggings, Zara top, boots and bracelet, Louis Vuitton bag, Guess watch)
 I went to Zara for Christmas shopping - and did buy
Christmas presents - but predictably also ended up with
a certain amount of things for myself. 
Another pair of boots... well yes but no, because
those are 1) the warmest boots ever 2) you can
 fold down the top of it, which also make them
the cutest boots ever. All this wasn't meant to be
Christmas shopping for myself, but I'll conveniently
pretend it was so it makes it look a tad less compulsive.
And it put me in such a good mood that I made new earrings.

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  1. C'est très joli ! Et pour les boucles d'oreille, tu vas pouvoir frimer ce soir à l'atelier ! ;)


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