(Bershka tee, brandless harem pants)
I still haven't decided whether I like harem pants or not. 
But I have a few pairs and periodically try to find out. 
My only conclusion so far is that this flannel number is
a more reasonable homewear option than any 
jogging pants I could think of.


  1. Oh my. Just ran into your blog and the only question which comes to my mind is "how do you find time and money to literaly spend your time buying clothes, trying on clothes, taking your picture, looking at/twitting about/blogging about what you wear and pondering on such spiritual issues as whether harem pants are acceptable or not?"
    Leaves me speechless.

  2. I do spend a lot of time on this, but probably not as much as you think :)


Thank you for your message. Yes, I'll go and visit your blog :)