(Etam tank top, Zara jeans, Asos watch, home-made necklace)
(Topshop earrings)
I went to Paulette's party yesterday, party whose theme
was glitters - and there surely was a whole lot of shining and twinkling.
Plus a coloring booth - understand friendly body makeup students 
supposed to express their artistic talents on slightly hysterical 
girls in the half-darkness - which accounts for my shoulder.
The top picture was taken after the glitters got transferred to
everybody standing by my right side. For sure, this party was 
the best opportunity to try my hand-made wings pendant.
Should be pics of the glittery event on the magazine website 
or on their blog soon. Too bad they can't post the music though
because it was really good. 
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The photos and illustrations are great anyway. Paulette rocks.


  1. héhé il me semble t'avoir vu hier :p
    j'ai reconnu ton tatoo !

    soirée sympa :)



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