Casual Friday

(Zara faux-fur outer, knit and loafers, New Look leggings, H&M earrings, knitted tote bought in Japan)
At last, I purchased a faux-fur jacket. With the hood on,
I really look like an Eskimo - or at least, I really feel
like one. I bought the knitted tote bag in a small store 
that was only selling apparel/accessories 
made out of organic materials. Also those loafers
(best seen here) have been my favorite lately, especially 
on those days when I do not feel like dressing up but can't 
truly dress down either. I've always had issues with 
going casual... I've got a few lovely pieces in my wardrobe
that I keep looking at but just never know what to pair them 
with. But I'm working on it.

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