(Topshop knit, Maje leather skirt, Paul Smith courts, Lancel BB wallet)
(Jimmy Choo low boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, Sandro cardigan, Zadig & Voltaire silk skirt)
I'm missing Japan lately. And when I've reached the point I'm saying it,
it means I'm missing it like hell. For some obscure reasons 
(well, not that obscure actually), the more I'm indulging
in my Japanese mood, the more I'm shopping. 
The more I'm indulging in my Japanese mood, 
the more I'm *girly* shopping, should I say. 
This is when I usually end up on Vestiaire de Copines: the website
where I satisfy a lot of my cravings for fashion. This beautiful project is 
French (yeah!) but their website is also available in English. 
 I quite like the idea of buying from other fashion addicts actually.
At the moment, I'm thick into leather, fur, silk and colors 
(that's what I meant by "girly"). Incidentally, he Lancel wallet,
which belongs to the uber-hella-fantastic BB collection, is so
uber-hella-fantastic itself that it'd be sad to keep ip inside your purse.
I mean, those gals (I mean, this one has to be a she) need fresh air too.
Speaking of which, it's geting chilly out there:

(Les Petites cape available here, and Bel Air bomber here)

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