(Zara top, I-dont-know-where-this-skirt-comes-from skirt, American Apparel tank top underneath & boots best seen here)
(Vintage clutch/purse/briefcase?)
The pleated skirt belonged to my sister until recently, but I was 
somehow wearing it more than she was, so it ended up into my closet 
(as a gift, I did not steal it!). I bought the watch in Japan, and for 
some strange reasons, I perfectly remember the place and time, but
not the name of the shop... Same with the earrings, I bought them 
just before New Year's Eve 2007, in a sparky department store 
that didn't look like Christmas around Christmas but did look like
Christmas around New Year's. I don't mean the decorations - 
departments store in Japan kind of look like it's Christmas time 
all year round - I mean the atmosphere.
As for the purse, it looks vintage and it is vintage, bought this year
at the Vintage Fashion Market (Marché de la Mode Vintage) in Lyon,
it is actually more like a briefcase, although the terminology seems 
odd for such an antique looking number. I love the Morrocan style 
leatherwork (although my arm is definitely on the way on the pic) and 
I love it's so worn out. Can't help wondering what it's been through.

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