(Heley earrings, Calvin Klein watch, H&M ring, home-made top)
 PEAH's weekend! The PEAH is a yearly three-day event dedicated
to young fashion designers, running over the weekend in Lyon 
and closing today. The place was really small and the corners
really close to one another, but it gave a somewhat cosy feeling
to the whole thing, which, as far as I am concerned, could make
me buy even more. I got those earrings from Heley,
who had a series of lovely earrings (all unique pieces and sold
separately,which explains why the two aren't the same),
plus lovely clothing. This designer having a 
store in Lyon, I refrained myself, although I REALLY wanted 
the Inuit green hoodie and skirt (photos on the website). Oh my, 
this Inuit hoodie paired with those earrings would just rock.

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