(Caroll cape)
(H&M tweed skirt and ring, Uniqlo cardigan, Calvin Klein watch, vintage blouse)
(Ralph Lauren boston bag, New Look booties)
I have spent the last two months scanning all winter-looking
shop windows around, looking for a camel cape. 
Until I encountered the one I'm wearing above, although this was 
unfortunately at 10 pm... Came back during opening hours,
tried it on and left the store wearing it (after a quick detour
by the register, obviously). I've got the feeling that everyone
was looking at me today, but I assume it's the caped crusader effect.
As for the tweed skirt, I just thought that'd be my new favorite
formal (and pinkish) number.  I didn't mention the scarf brand
but this is because - once more - I bought it in Japan
(among many other things) and wouldn't remember where
it comes from. The only thing I can say is that I bought it in Kobe. 

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