Oh my Bag!

(Purse mirror by Edward Monkton - I LOVE what he makes- bought in London)
I purchased this leather bag in Zara on Saturday. 
Three panels of three different types of leather, plus 
it's huge = likely to be heavy - but those bags
somehow look even better when full.
The purple case hides my iPad 2, which I am truly addicted to.
Those pens are a little part of my Hello Kitty collection.
In Japan, many places have their own Hello Kitty series
(featuring the Tokyo Tower for Tokyo or Takoyaki in Osaka).
Every time I'd visit a new place in Japan, 
I'd buy the corresponding pen. 
and I don't think I could ever stop using it, it smells too good.
The flower cushion? Ikea.


  1. ah ben fallait me le dire que tu avais un blog! chouette! j'ai trop adoré ton look... surtout que j'avais bien senti que tu étais aussi adepte de la custo! et merci pour l'ajout... tu as une nouvelle abonnée ;-)
    au plaisir de te revoir!

  2. Heeey on avait aussi l'idée de faire un article en mode dis moi ce qu'il y a dans ton sac, je te dirais quelle meuf - bordélique - tu es héhééé ! :)


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