Film & Fashion... post #3

I've always loved Orson Welles. 
When I was a student, I (re)watched a film of his per month. 
I must have seen Arkadine about ten times, Citizen Kane 
twenty times, and the Lady from Shanghai, even more. 
I wanted to post the famous final mirror scene, 
but that would be an unforgivable spoiler for those
who have never seen the film.
Rita Hayworth is just fantastic, and hopefully she
would have agreed with wearing the outfit below.
Yes, navy blue and black go together, for God's sake!

(click here for this Dries Van Noten coat)
(This wonderful Yves Saint-Laurent bag is here )
(Satin blouse by American Retro on this website)
(Dolce & Gabbana, of course, on this page)
(Repetto navy blue loafers on this website)

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