(Topshop purse, Vintage jeans, charms number 1)
(Charms number 2)
(Charms rock - that's what they do - and they blur pictures)
Days are getting shorter, the sun is becoming weaker...
then nothing is better than a little playful bounce to your style: 
hang (home-made) charms to your bag. 
Another great hint from Erica Domesek's box of ideas: 
recycle broken jewelry to create your own charms.
Who's never lost one earring and kept the survivor? 
Not to mention the necklaces you used to wear five years ago
that haven't seen light in ages. At least now I've got a good
excuse for all those things I wouldn't toss away!
Oh yeah, and I couldn't help exhibiting my dried-real-flower-manicure.

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