Bohemian Circus

(Customized leggings, New Look loafers, Vintage denim shirt, Ray-ban sunnies, home-made earrings)

Bohemian Circus is a young bag brand based in Grenoble.
They ran an outfit contest this afternoon in Lyon, sponsored
I had chosen the Esmeralda "My Deer" purse for the pic,
and well, I wish I could have kept it...
All the photos will be on their facebook page on a couple of days 
(and you'll be able to vote for the best look!)


  1. Au top ce look :) Merci d'être venu nous voir !

  2. Ca y est le concours est en ligne :)

    Il suffit d'aimer la page Bohemian Circus et ensuite voter sur la photo préférée pour que le vote soit pris en compte :)

    A bientôt Raphaelle


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