Shiny shiny

(Zara pumps)
There are so many nice things in Zara lately, every time I step in,
I also walk out with something. Yesterday, I resisted a lovely
bicolor cardigan, lovely carott pants, but couldn't resist those 
lovely pumps. Then walked around all day. No regrets. 
Still thinking of the bicolor cardigan though.


From my hot-air balloon

(Vintage scarf, Tom Ford sunnies)
I am OBSESSED with Tom Ford's eyewear collections. All of them. 
I sometimes become so obsessed that it gets kind of troublesome. 
One day, I will buy them all. The full year collection.
Yes, I will. Well, that's a goal like any other. Well, maybe so.


Oh my Bag!

(Purse mirror by Edward Monkton - I LOVE what he makes- bought in London)
I purchased this leather bag in Zara on Saturday. 
Three panels of three different types of leather, plus 
it's huge = likely to be heavy - but those bags
somehow look even better when full.
The purple case hides my iPad 2, which I am truly addicted to.
Those pens are a little part of my Hello Kitty collection.
In Japan, many places have their own Hello Kitty series
(featuring the Tokyo Tower for Tokyo or Takoyaki in Osaka).
Every time I'd visit a new place in Japan, 
I'd buy the corresponding pen. 
and I don't think I could ever stop using it, it smells too good.
The flower cushion? Ikea.


Bohemian Circus

(Customized leggings, New Look loafers, Vintage denim shirt, Ray-ban sunnies, home-made earrings)

Bohemian Circus is a young bag brand based in Grenoble.
They ran an outfit contest this afternoon in Lyon, sponsored
I had chosen the Esmeralda "My Deer" purse for the pic,
and well, I wish I could have kept it...
All the photos will be on their facebook page on a couple of days 
(and you'll be able to vote for the best look!)


Film & Fashion... post #3

I've always loved Orson Welles. 
When I was a student, I (re)watched a film of his per month. 
I must have seen Arkadine about ten times, Citizen Kane 
twenty times, and the Lady from Shanghai, even more. 
I wanted to post the famous final mirror scene, 
but that would be an unforgivable spoiler for those
who have never seen the film.
Rita Hayworth is just fantastic, and hopefully she
would have agreed with wearing the outfit below.
Yes, navy blue and black go together, for God's sake!

(click here for this Dries Van Noten coat)
(This wonderful Yves Saint-Laurent bag is here )
(Satin blouse by American Retro on this website)
(Dolce & Gabbana, of course, on this page)
(Repetto navy blue loafers on this website)



(Mango tee, H&M jeggings last seen here, vintage necklace, Topshop purse bought in London)
(Vintage ring)
This cross neckace is one of my favorite purchases
of the month (which is not over yet, though).
I bought it in a cool vintage shop (which happens to be in 
a cool district too). Not enough accessories to my taste, 
but the apparel corner is nice, especially for its wide range of jackets. 
If you are looking for hot purses from the 50s and 60s,
you should definitely go there!



(Sephora print nail patches)
(300-yen earrings bought in Japan)
Yesterday was all about rain and sun at the same time, 
and I'm all about bows right now.
Those earrings are kind of bold, and I like this
a lot, plus the leatherette-like fabric the bows are made out of.


Fashion show @ Galeries Lafayette

(Galeries Lafayette's motto: "you are fashion")
(Home-made earrings)
(I WANT this Yves Saint Laurent purple mascara!)
(Vintage blouse, Zara treggings, Six purse, vintage scarf, no-brand bicolor suede courts)
(Swinging polka dots and a button bought in London, last seen here)
(My right hand + Noémie's hands: love the rings.
have a look at the blog she runs with her bestfriend: watch ha !)
(Noémie's lovely vintage wedge shoes and cute H&M suede treggings)
The department store les Galeries Lafayette organized
the second edition of a national fashion show for amateurs' event
sponsored by Glamour magazine (see here for details).
We had such a good time!


Scarf & feathers

(Earrings bought in Japan)
(Zara loafers)
(Uniqlo stars, Asos watch seen here, bird ring last seen here)
(Zara jeans, New Look belt, Balmain scarf)
I love scarves, I've got about 30 of them.
I love summer, and yet every year I can't help feeling
a little sad when it gets too warm for a scarf.
Then I tie it to my purse, or around my waist, but nothing
feels better than a soft piece of fabric loosely knotted
around your neck. It's still a little too early for that,
but I've got my feathers.


Recto verso

(Asos watch, New Look belt, Zara jeans, The Kooples shirt, cloud ring available here)
I bought the two-faced ring at Le Corner, which is a boutique 
in Paris and their online store, both really cool.
I particularly like the jewelry selections, and the prices are more
than reasonable especially when it comes to young creators!


Accestory #3

A quick snap of one of my favorite accessories ensemble 
for summer. And summer has not gone yet!
Wooden necklace, wooden bangle, wooden earrings, all vintage.
I bought the horn ring in Japan, in a tiny boutique in Kyoto.
I wear it a lot so it will surely come up again soon (and
then you'll get a close-up, I promise).
Perfect with vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunnies.



(Topshop purse, Vintage jeans, charms number 1)
(Charms number 2)
(Charms rock - that's what they do - and they blur pictures)
Days are getting shorter, the sun is becoming weaker...
then nothing is better than a little playful bounce to your style: 
hang (home-made) charms to your bag. 
Another great hint from Erica Domesek's box of ideas: 
recycle broken jewelry to create your own charms.
Who's never lost one earring and kept the survivor? 
Not to mention the necklaces you used to wear five years ago
that haven't seen light in ages. At least now I've got a good
excuse for all those things I wouldn't toss away!
Oh yeah, and I couldn't help exhibiting my dried-real-flower-manicure.


Waiting for the rain with flowers

(Vintage shirt, vintage belt, Zara leggings, Moa earrings)
(Eram suede loafers, Sis's ficus)
My sister kindly offered to take pictures, so I stayed there, standing 
on the balcony on a gray stormy day.. and smiling. With a ficus.  
I don't feel comfortable with the first-degree vintage style, 
at least not on me. 
But I do fancy a measured shot of antique floral print. 
Especially with my Pocahontas suede loafers.