Film & Fashion... post #1

Film and fashion... mmmm? 
Films have always inspired me in many ways,
and although it can sound random: it includes fashion.
Films are surely not made for fashion,
but they can surely do a pretty good job...
Then, I must confess I love period films. And I love Asian films.
I have seen a fair amount of Japanese and Chinese period films, but 
Hwang Jin Yi was the first Korean one of this kind I actually heard of.

 I was so thick into it that I cried rivers.
Actress Song Hyekyo is astonishingly beautiful and wears fantastic
jewels - her stone rings are to die for.
Obviously these outfits would probably be quite inappropriate
to drive a caror walk up the subway stairs,
so here is the modern wish-list I've come up with:

(Yohji Yamamoto pants are available here)
(Maje Iam-totally-obessed-with shoes are here)
(Bel Air top on this page)
(Chloé leather purse here)

(Just one click away from Morganne Bello pink gold ring)
 I love the mix of materials on the Bel Air top
and the rich look these glitters provide.
Also pink gold reflects so much more light than golden gold,
it would make any piece of jewelry look smart.
And I'm not going to talk about those Maje wooden platform sandals...
Sounding hysterical can seriously affect credibility.
If you get inspired by their hairstyles and actually find a hairstylist
who can hold to this sort of expectations, send me a note!


  1. films also inspire me in fashion! haha...great video!

  2. Yeah, I can't help it! When I watch a film I often get like "OMG her dress!".


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