Accestory #1

I've got TONS of accessories. I'm not sure I've ever been 
to a new place without finally purchasing something.
And I remember where each of them comes from. 
I bought the strawberry bracelet in Claires' accessories in Japan 
and the red and white earrings in a second-hand shop, also in Japan. 
It was something like 1 AM, we wanted to clean our closet out before 
moving back to France and it was one of the few stores of that kind 
open at this time of the day/night. I can't remember what we sold, 
but I walked outwith a bunch of things, and feeling 
extremely frustrated because all the shoes 
I had tried on turned out to be too small.
That was kind of a regular misfortune while living in Japan. 
As for the white necklace, I've had it since high school. 
I had bought it at the market during summer vacation.

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